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Facebook Users Hit with 'Sexiest Video Ever' Adware Attack May 18, 2010
Facebook Uses HTTPS Encrypted Connections to Improve Security February 1, 2011
Facebook Wants Adobe to Rid Flash for Good to End the Frequent Security Debacle July 14, 2015
Facebook Worm Spreads Zeus Trojan via Spam Links Containing a Malware-Tainted Photo File November 30, 2011
Facebook's Founder Mark Zuckerberg Confesses: 'We Just Missed the Mark' on Privacy May 24, 2010
Fake 'Account Notification' Phishing Email with Malicious Attachment Floods our Inboxes June 18, 2010
Fake 'Activity You May Have Missed' Facebook Alert Leads to Destructive Blackhole Malware Exploitation November 28, 2012
Fake 'Facebook Account Update' and 'Myspace Password Reset Confirmation' Phishing Emails Contain Malware November 10, 2009
Fake 'Facebook Password Reset Confirmation' Email Contains Bredolab Trojan October 27, 2009
Fake "Novel H1N1 Flu Situation Update" File Drops Troj/Agent-KPU on PCs July 22, 2009
Fake "Update for Microsoft Outlook" Email Installs Bredolab.Y Trojan and Rogue Software Security Tool February 11, 2010
Fake Adobe Reader Upgrade and Pay-to-Download Skype Found in Email Spam/Phishing Site September 14, 2010
Fake Ads on Connected to Bahama Botnet Click Fraud Scam September 18, 2009
Fake AV Tech Support Scheme Fools Victims into Calling Scammers May 12, 2013
Fake CAPTCHAs Spread the Facebook Scam 'PHOTO! Girl accidentally sends dad SMS...' March 12, 2012
Fake Facebook 'Security Team Has Suspended Your Page' Posts Used to Phish Login Credentials January 7, 2013
Fake Facebook 'System Upgrage' Phishing Email Distributes Zbot Trojan November 9, 2009
Fake Firefox and Google Browser Alerts Spread Bogus Program 'Security Tool' October 5, 2010
Fake Free Windows 8 License Spam Messages Circulates Malicious Cridex Trojan November 2, 2012
Fake PRISM Ransomware and Fake Antivirus Apps Spread via Hacked Websites September 11, 2013
Fake Skype 'Urgent System Scan Notification' Points to Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs December 10, 2009
Fake Windows Support Calls Seek to Scam and Infect Computer Users with Malware January 29, 2013
Fake Youtube Extension Files: YXH-youtube_player.xpi and YXH-youtube_player.crx January 11, 2012
Favicon Bug May Crash Popular Web Browsers Including Chrome, Firefox and Safari June 23, 2015
FBI Alert: Avoid Bogus Haiti Earthquake Donation Scams January 14, 2010
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