Threat Database Phishing 'Closing of Email Address Notice' Email Scam

'Closing of Email Address Notice' Email Scam

The con artists are disseminating lure emails under the guise of a 'Closing of Email Address Notice' message. The operation is classified as a phishing attempt to trick users into divulging private information, such as their email credentials.

The fake emails are designed to appear as urgent messages sent by the user's email service provider. They make the false claim that a request to deactivate the user's email account has been received and it will take effect in 12 hours. To keep their email from being supposedly shut down, users are instructed to click the 'CANCEL REQUEST HERE' hyperlink.

The link will lead to a dedicated phishing portal that asks visitors to provide their email login credentials. All entered emails and passwords will be made available to the fraudsters that can then exploit the data in numerous different ways, depending on their particular goals. The compromised email may be used to escalate the attack and breach other accounts of the victim. The attackers can use their reach to distribute threatening payloads, spread misinformation and more.


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