Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 2
First Seen: November 19, 2023
Last Seen: November 20, 2023

Avcod.xyz has been identified as a site with dubious motives that employs deceptive strategies to manipulate its visitors. The primary objective of this website seems to center on exploiting the authentic push notification functionality present in Web browsers. It accomplishes this by enticing visitors, frequently without their knowledge, to subscribe to its push notifications. This clever tactic grants the website the capability to create and disseminate intrusive and unwanted advertisements directly to users' devices.

Avcod.xyz Utilizes Clickbait Messages to Lure Visitors

Avcod.xyz employs a deceptive approach involving the display of fabricated error messages and misleading alerts, meticulously crafted to manipulate and coax users into subscribing to its push notifications. The specific scenario presented by such rogue websites may vary based on factors like the user's IP address and geographical location, resulting in customized deceptive prompts encountered on platforms like Avcod.xyz.

Some rogue site simultaneously uses multiple clickbait messages. Examples of manipulative messages users might encounter include:

  • 'Your Video Is Ready
  • Press Play to start the video'
  •  'Click Allow To Verify That You Are Not Robot'
  •  'Click 'Allow' to close this window
  • This window can be closed by pressing 'Allow.' If you wish to continue browsing this website, just click the more info button.'
  •  'File is Ready.
  • Click Allow To Download'

Once users unwittingly grant permission to receive notifications from Avcod.xyz, they may face frequent and invasive spam advertisements. These ads may appear whether the web browser is in use or remains inactive. Importantly, the advertisements generated in this manner could promote a wide range of untrustworthy content, including adult-oriented websites, dubious online games, misleading software updates, and the distribution of intrusive Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

Stop Rogue Websites from Delivering Intrusive and Untrustworthy Notifications

Preventing intrusive notifications from websites such as Elitepartnerfinders.top or other untrustworthy sources is crucial for a seamless online experience. These notifications, often originating from the browser, can be not only bothersome but also potentially risky. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to stop them:

  • Block Notifications in Browser Settings:

Google ChromeOpen Chrome settings, navigate to 'Privacy and security,' then select 'Site settings' > 'Notifications.' Locate the unwanted website in the list and click on it. Choose 'Block' to prevent further notifications.

Mozilla FirefoxAccess Firefox settings, go to 'Privacy & Security,' scroll down to 'Permissions,' and click on 'Settings' next to Notifications. Find the undesired website and select 'Block.'

Safari: On Mac, go to Safari > Preferences > Websites > Notifications. Identify the unwanted website and select "Deny." On iOS, visit Settings > Safari > Notifications and block the undesirable site.

  • Clear Browser Cookies and Cache:

Clearing your browser's cookies and cache can eliminate any tracking data stored by these websites on your device. This step may disrupt their ability to generate notifications.

  • Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions:

Unsafe browser extensions can contribute to unwanted notifications. Go to your browser's extension or add-on settings and remove any suspicious or unwanted extensions.

  • Disable Push Notifications:

For a proactive approach, disable push notifications entirely in your browser settings, typically found under 'Notifications.'

  • Use Ad-blockers:

Consider employing ad-blocking browser extensions or software to block unwanted pop-ups and notifications effectively.

  • Stay Cautious Online:

Exercise caution when interacting with websites, particularly those seeking permission for notifications. Stick to reputable sources and refrain from clicking on suspicious links.

Remember, persistence is key when dealing with unwanted notifications. Employing a combination of these steps can enhance the effectiveness of preventing and stopping them altogether.


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