Threat Database Phishing 'Authenticate Account' Email Scam

'Authenticate Account' Email Scam

Another phishing tactic is trying to lure users into revealing sensitive and confidential information. The phishing operation is being tracked as the 'Authenticate Account' email scam. The lure emails are presented as notifications being sent by the recipient's email service provider. The fraudsters claim that the users have multiple, pending messages that they cannot currently access. The fake emails will claim that the only way to see the non-existent messages is for the recipients to authenticate their email accounts.

The luring emails will attempt to create a sense of urgency, by claiming that the supposed messages will be deleted after a specific date, usually in just a couple of hours. Apparently, the only way to gain access is to follow the prominently displayed 'AUTHENTICATE ACCOUNT HERE' button. Like in most phishing tactics, the links provided in the lure emails will lead unsuspecting users to a specially crafted phishing website. The misleading page will be designed to closely resemble the login page of the user's email provider.

Any information entered into the deceptive login portal will be compromised and become available to the con artists. The consequences could be severe, as the collected credentials could lead to users losing control of their emails, as well as any other account associated with the breached account. These could be social media accounts, banking accounts, crypto-wallets and more.


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