AtlantaSearch Description

AtlantaSearch is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that aims to infiltrate users' Mac systems. Indeed, PUPs are spread through underhanded distribution techniques that hide their installation from the user's attention predominantly. The goal is to get deployed unnoticed on the system and then generate monetary gains for their creators via different intrusive actions. Other examples of PUPs include MacOSDefender, ElementSignal and ProADBlocks.

In the case of AtlantaSearch, it is equipped with both adware and browser hijacker capabilities. The advertisements it generates could be presented as pop-ups, banners, in-text links and more. In addition, the intrusive advertisements could be injected into the sites viewed by the user currently, creating the impression that they originate from there. While undoubtedly annoying, engaging with the advertisements also could bring significant risks. Users could be taken to suspicious third-party websites where they could be exposed to online tactics, phishing schemes, etc.

The browser hijacker functionality of AtlantaSearch will in the meantime take control of the installed Web browsers. By modifying their homepage, new tab page, and default search engines, the PUP will start generating artificial traffic towards a promoted page. Browser hijackers are mostly involved in the promotion of fake search engines, and AtlantaSearch is not an exception. The page it promotes cannot generate any meaningful result and that is why it will redirect the user's search queries through

Finally, the PUP could be spying on the browsing activities of the user silently. It may collect browsing data, as well as device details that will all be transmitted to a remote server continuously. To avoid having their data exploited by unknown third parties, users should get rid of any PUPs that might be lurking on their devices.