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Winner Ransomware

Winner is ransomware that encrypts data and demands payment for decryption. Once activated, the Winner Ransomware targets various file types and modifies their filenames by adding a unique ID, the attackers' email address ('') and a '.Winner' extension. Additionally, the Winner Ransomware leaves behind a ransom note delivered as a text file named 'Read.txt' on the desktop of the breached device. The Winner Ransomware is part of the VoidCrypt Ransomware family.

An Overview of Winner Ransomware's Ransom Note

Victims of the Winner Ransomware are warned that if contact with the cybercriminals is not established within 48 hours, their data will remain inaccessible. The ransom note provides a secondary email address for contact at '' In addition, the threat actors claim to have collected important information, such as databases, that will be sold off if their demands are not met. Unfortunately, decryption is rarely possible without the cybercriminals' involvement, and even if the demanded ransom is paid by the victims, there is no guarantee that they will receive the promised decryption tools. To protect against further damage from the Winner Ransomware, it must be removed from the operating system. Unfortunately, removal does not restore the already affected files.

How Harmful are Threats Like the Winner Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly threatening as they become more and more sophisticated. These attacks can cause financial harm to individuals and businesses due to the encryption of their vital files, meaning that only after paying a ransom fee will the victims be able to access them. In many cases, the attackers may demand large amounts in exchange for keys that grant access to those encrypted files. Additionally, if taking the payment doesn't satisfy the attacker, further threats of personal or private data being exposed may follow. Ultimately, ransomware attacks are highly threatening because once the data is encrypted, it can be difficult to retrieve without significant losses or paying an unreasonably high ransom fee.

The full set of demands listed in Winner Ransomware's note is:

'All Your Files Are Encrypted.
If You Want To Recover Them, Write To Us Via Email:

If You Do Not Receive An Answer Within 24 Hours:

Write This ID In The Subject Of Your Message

Email the (( RSAKEY )) File Stored In C:/ProgramData Or Other Drives

If we don't hear from you within 48 hours,it means you don't want the key and you won't hear back after that

We have a copy of your database, if you don't want us to sell it under GDPR email us within 48 hours:
We can also auction and sell on the sites

Do not rename encrypted files.
Do not try to decrypt your data using third-party software and sites. May cause permanent data loss.
Decrypting your files with the help of third parties may increase the prices (they add their cost to us), or you may become a victim of a scam from their side.

Security is not Permanent

Your time has Started Tick Tock Tick Tock….'

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