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'Windows Firewall has Detected that Your Windows is Damaged and Irrelevant' Scam

Fraudsters are using fake security warnings as a way to promote dubious or intrusive applications. This particular tactic is being propagated by a rogue website. When users land on the page, they would be presented with a pop-up window containing an alarming statement, claiming to be a 'System Warning.' According to the displayed message, the visitor's computer is both corrupted and outdated. The fake scares continue with an even more outrageous statement - according to the con website, all of the user's files will be deleted after just a couple of seconds. 

The goal of all the scaremongering is to push the unsuspecting users into pressing the 'Update' button found in the pop-up window. Apparently, doing so will update the user's system and prevent the deletion of the files. Of course, none of this is true and all presented information should be regarded as fabricated and ignored entirely. 

However, users that follow the instructions of the con artists and press the button, will be taken to additional deceptive websites. The questionable pages have been observed to promote intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that may carry adware, browser hijacker, data-tracking and other questionable functions. 


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