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Wazzup.info is a seemingly innocuous web page with a drab blue and gray color theme and a layout that is vaguely reminiscent of low-quality fake search engines such as typo squatters (websites that take advantage of common typos in order to generate advertisement revenue) or click farms. However, the real danger in the Wazzup.info web page is the fact that Wazzup.info is closely related to one of the most dangerous malware threats of the last decade: the TDSS rootkit. Websites like Getanswers.com, Findanswersfast.com and Wazzup.info all have similar layouts and are all a result of a TDSS rootkit infection. While, most of the time, visiting Wazzup.info itself will not harm your computer system, being forced to visit this malicious website is usually a symptom that something is severely wrong with your computer system. Browser redirects to Wazzup.info and similar websites are the main symptom of a browser hijacker infection on the affected computer system, usually a component of a TDSS rootkit infection.

Dealing with a Wazzup.info-Related TDSS Rootkit Infection

In case your web browser is forcing you to visit Wazzup.info repeatedly, it is extremely important that you use a legitimate security application to search for the browser hijacker behind these redirects and remove it completely. However, removing a TDSS rootkit is not an easy process. This malware threat has self-defense mechanisms that can disable some of the most dangerous anti-virus applications on the market. Its rootkit component also allows it to stay hidden from view and to hide other malware (such as the browser hijacker causing the Wazzup.info redirects) from the computer user's security software. Based on this, ESG security researchers advise using an anti-malware program containing anti-rootkit technology or using a specialized anti-TDSS tool before attempting removal with your normal anti-virus application.

How Criminals Profit from Forcing You to Visit Wazzup.info Repeatedly

Like various web pages, most of the revenue that Wazzup.info generates comes from advertisements. However, unlike legitimate websites, Wazzup.info does not bother with trying to provide its visitors with useful content or services. Instead, the criminals behind this website simply use a browser hijacker to give their victims no choice but to visit Wazzup.info constantly. Do not let criminals profit from infecting your computer system and forcing you to visit seedy websites! You should use a reliable anti-malware application to fix the underlying cause of redirects to Wazzup.info.


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