By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is website with an unattractive gray and blue color design. At first glance, this website appears to be a search engine, although is closer in appearance to seedy websites such as typo squatters or click farms (websites that take advantage of common typos to generate revenue and websites that are composed of little more than links and advertisements). This search engine and websites almost identical to in design (such as and are very closely related to one of the most harmful malware threat in the last decade, the TDSS rootkit. While the website itself is not likely to cause your computer system to become infected with malware, the vast majority of visitors to this website are already infected with a browser hijacker which is itself a component of the infamous TDSS rootkit. Because of this, ESG security researchers advise that any contact with the website should be immediately followed with a scan of your computer with a reliable anti-malware application.

Why is Bad News for Your Computer Security

The fact that is closely linked to the TDSS rootkit makes quite dangerous for your computer's security. The main problem with the TDSS rootkit is that it is extremely difficult to remove. In fact, in many cases it is nearly impossible to ensure that this dangerous invader has been removed completely from the infected computer system. This malware infection has the capacity to disable many common security applications as well as being able to hide itself from detection. The TDSS rootkit also has the ability to hide the browser hijacker associated with and other malware, making its removal very difficult without a specialized tool. ESG security researchers recommend ensuring that your anti-malware tool of choice has the capacity to deal with the TDSS rootkit or that you use a specialized anti-TDSS rootkit tool before attempting the removal of the browser hijacker itself.

Why Criminals Force You to Visit

The main reason why criminals try to force their victims to visit repeatedly is to profit from advertising revenue. displays various links and its search box leads to a stream of advertisements. These represent an illegal source of revenue. Do not allow criminals to profit from infecting your computer system with malware! Avoid a malware infection by protecting your computer system with reliable security software and following basic online safety guidelines.


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