Threat Database Phishing 'Wallet Access Connect' Pop-Ups

'Wallet Access Connect' Pop-Ups

The 'Wallet Access Connect' pop-ups are part of a phishing scheme that tries to take advantage of crypto dApp (decentralized apps) enthusiasts. Most likely, users found themselves encountering these misleading pop-ups as a result of visiting dubious websites utilizing a rogue advertising network or due to having a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking inside their computers or devices.

The 'Wallet Access Connect' pop-ups try to be noticed as a legitimate service. They talk about providing a convenient way to link dApps with the specific crypto-wallet of the user. The pop-ups also claim that over 50 different crypto-wallet providers are supported including Maiar, Elrond, Terra station, Rainbow, Coinbase, Coinomi, Atomic and more. 

When users pick one of the presented wallets, they would be asked to provide numerous details about their existing account. The information that the fraudsters want to acquire consists of account credentials, passphrases, security keys, etc. All entered information will be made accessible to the con artists who can then proceed to take control over the compromised account. They can easily siphon out any funds contained in the user's wallet and transfer them to their own. 


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