Viewndow is an application that promises to 'enables users to keep selected windows always on top of other windows.' On its Privacy Police, Viewndow claims that 'For the purpose of providing you with access to the Application and ensuring its intended performance, and the proper functioning of integrated SDK we must collect a limited amount of your personal data related to you and your device:

  1. The type of operating system used;
  2. Device’s charging state;
  3. Device’s battery status;
  4. Network information regarding the type of connection used on the device (ethernet, wi-fi, etc.);
  5. Your IP address.

Although alleging that the collected information will be deleted, Viewndow is not the website kind that should be trusted especially considering the methods it uses to enter a targeted computer. Its operators may include it in the installation of a popular application or Viewndow can be accessed when the computer user visits a compromised website or clicks on a corrupted advertisement and since the collected information can be used to perform harmful actions, affected users should remove Viewndow from their machines the sooner the better.

Viewndow is classified as a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) and, as such, its removal will be safer if executed by a reliable anti-malware program.

Viewndow Video

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