According to an analysis by infosec researchers, the ValueFlip application is another addition to the continuously expanding AdLoad adware family. As such, the app application follows closely the typical AdLoad behavior - it targets Mac users predominantly and its main purpose is to deliver unwanted and intrusive advertisements. Adware is often included in shady software bundles or fake installers, supporting the classification of these app applications as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

When established on the user's Mac device, ValueFlip is likely to start running an ad campaign that will see various pop-ups, banners, notifications and other advertising materials being generated. Naturally, the user experience on the affected devices will take a significant hit, as the advertisements could prove to be an extremely disrupting factor. Furthermore, users should exercise caution when dealing with the shown advertisements.

The advertisements are likely to be promoting dubious or even unsafe destinations that may include technical support or phishing schemes, shady online betting or gaming platforms, fake giveaways, additional PUPs posing as legitimate app applications and more. Interacting with the advertisements also could trigger forced redirects leading to untrustworthy destinations.

Some adware, browser hijackers, and PUPs in general, also are equipped with data-harvesting functionalities. They may monitor users' browsing activities or collect additional data from the device. PUPs have even been observed trying to access browsers' autofill data. This feature is typically used to save information, such as account credentials, banking details, payment data, credit/debit card numbers, etc.


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