Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 11,076
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 90
First Seen: March 23, 2023
Last Seen: August 18, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Urltiny.ru is a browser-based advertisement that is designed to deceive users by displaying a fraudulent survey page that requests personal information such as email, phone number, or potentially even credit card details. This advertisement may also prompt users to subscribe to unnecessary paid services, which could result in unwanted charges to their accounts. It is crucial that users avoid entering any personal or sensitive information into this site to protect themselves from potential scams or identity theft.

Urltiny.ru could Propagate Phishing Tactics Disguised as Giveaways

Urltiny.ru is a fraudulent website that could show scam messages claiming to be from a legitimate company such as Amazon, Google, or an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and presents users with a fake survey to participate in. The survey promises a chance to win attractive rewards such as gift cards or tech gadgets like Samsung Galaxy, MacBook Pro, or iPhone. However, the survey is a trap to deceive users into providing sensitive personal information, including credit card details, email addresses, and home addresses, or subscribing to unnecessary paid services.

By collecting users' personal information, Urltiny.ru's operators could commit various fraudulent activities like identity theft, fraud, or spam. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users do not disclose any personal information on this website to avoid potential risks.

It is important to note that the entire survey on Urltiny.ru is a scam, and the rewards promised are entirely fictitious. If users happen to land on this website, it is advised to immediately close the webpage and avoid submitting any personal information. Users must exercise caution while browsing the internet and be wary of any suspicious websites that ask for personal information or make enticing but false promises of rewards.

Look for the Typical Signs of a Phishing Tactic when Dealing with Unfamiliar Pages

Phishing scam pages are often designed to look similar to legitimate pages from trusted organizations, but with slight differences that can be difficult to spot. However, there are several telltale signs that can indicate a phishing scam page.

One sign is the URL of the website. Scammers often use a URL that is similar to the legitimate website but with small variations. For example, they may replace a letter with a number or add an extra word to the URL.

Another sign is the content of the website. Phishing scam pages often include urgent or threatening language that aims to make the user feel pressured to take immediate action. They may also ask for personal or sensitive information that legitimate websites would not request.

In addition, phishing scam pages may have poor grammar or spelling mistakes, which can indicate that the page was not created by a professional organization. The design of the page may also be poorly executed, with mismatched fonts or low-quality images.

Overall, it is important to be cautious when visiting any website and to verify the legitimacy of the page before entering any personal or sensitive information.


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