Threat Database Phishing 'T-Mobile Customer Reward Program' Scam

'T-Mobile Customer Reward Program' Scam

Dubious websites are running a tactic under the guise of the 'T-Mobile Customer Reward Program.' Customers are lured with promises that they have been chosen to participate in a giveaway, with the chance to win an enticing reward, such as a Samsung Galaxy S22 or an Apple iPad Pro. To create an image of exclusivity, the fake pop-ups and the main page of the tactic both state that this offers has been made available for only 100 participants and the rewards are limited. The sites and their pop-ups will further display the logo of T-Mobile, even though the company is in no way associated with them.

Such clickbait tactics are common for phishing schemes, and the 'T-Mobile Customer Reward Program' tactic is not an exception. It asks users to answer 8 questions to become eligible to win a reward. However, after completing the short survey and pressing the displayed 'Take it' button next to the supposedly won gift, users will be taken to a phishing portal asking for various personal information. The page claims that it needs users' names, email addresses and phone numbers. All entered information will likely be scraped and made available to the operators of the scheme. Keep in mind that these schemes also may try to siphon out funds from their victims in the form of bogus shipping, administration or other fake fees.


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