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Rootkits can be devastating to a computer system. Among all possible infections, rootkits are particularly dangerous. While other malware operates within the restrictions of the operating system, rootkit infections work at a higher level. Therefore, a rootkit infection like Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local can completely destabilize a computer system. If you have any reason to believe that there is a rootkit like Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local on your computer, it is urgent that you remove Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local immediately. Not only that, rootkits tend to leave numerous problems in their wake. Once the rootkit is removed, you will still have the arduous task of fixing all of the problems left behind by the rootkit. Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local first started appearing in 2011 and is thought to come from the Russian Federation. This country is a notorious hideout for computer criminals and fraudsters.

Fixing a Rootkit Infection Such as Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local

Rootkits like Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local often work by establishing a connection with a remote computer system. Through this connection, the rootkit can gather information from the infected computer and relay it to the criminals on the other end. Many rootkits can also be controlled remotely. Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local can go to the extreme of handing total control of your computer to a remote user. This rootkit has also been known to steal credit card and bank account information and the computer user's passwords. Many security experts recommend reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling your operating system as the ultimate solution. While there are many tools to remove rootkits, this kind of infection is so insidious that, for safety, it is often better to restore the system instead. However, most users will not be happy to lose all of their information. Because of that, it is a good idea to give a legitimate anti-malware application a try first. If numerous attempts with a genuine anti-malware utility don't remove Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local, you may have no choice but to reformat and reinstall your hard drive.

Rootkits Almost Never Travel Alone

One of the main issues when removing Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local, is that rootkits like this one never travel alone. This infection usually accompanies other harmful Trojans and malware to attack your computer from all sides. That is why manual removal is so difficult. You may get rid of one of the problems, but catching them all manually is very hard. The worst part of this is that these kinds of applications support each other. That means that removing a single part of the problem often does nothing, because Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local can update and reinstall itself. Because of this, experts recommend using an automated anti-malware program to remove the Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local rootkit.

Correctly Identifying a Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local Rootkit Infection

At first, there are often no overt signs of a rootkit infection. However, you may, gradually, note that your computer system is acting strangely. Some signs of a Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Local rootkit infection include:

  • Disappearing files on your computer.
  • New files popping up out of nowhere, especially if they refuse to go away when you delete them.
  • Unauthorized changes in your computer's settings and registry.
  • Strange behaviors when browsing.
  • Unexplained spike in consumption of system resources.
  • Severely decreased system performance and Internet browsing speed.


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