Podnuha!sd6 Description

Podnuha!sd6 is the latest variation of the Rootkit Podnuha, and as any rootkit, it contains a single or several codes which assist hackers in concealing their attempts at hijacking a computer system. Podnuha!sd6 infiltrates a computer via security exploits or through unprotected shareware, and once active, downloads adware and additional malware onto the compromised machine. This may lead to the sponsoring of rogue anti-spyware applications as well as giving hackers access to personal and financial information, leading to identity theft.

Technical Information

File System Details

Podnuha!sd6 creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 auth.dll N/A
2 advpac.dll N/A
3 dmconfigb.dll N/A
4 cfgmgr3.dll N/A