Phase Bot

Phase Bot Description

Type: Trojan

The Phase Bot a.k.a. Win32 is a rootkit that does not place any files on the infected machine and uses the PowerShell of Windows to store its code, much like the Poweliks Trojan. A rootkit is a collection of programs that enable an administrator-level access to a computer or computer network, typically installed after obtaining a user-level access. Infection with the Phase rootkit can be propagated via spam emails, malvertising, or via USB drives. Criminals can purchase the Phase rootkit on the dark web (unindexed web pages and web sites available only on the Tor network) for $200. The Phase rootkit is advertised by offering advanced form grabbing, FTP data stealing, the ability to run without a file and its very low price. The Phase malware carries out its communications through a server module in order to receive instructions and transfer stolen data and log-ins. Computer users might want to use a reputable anti-malware solution as a proactive defense against the Phase rootkit.

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  • Helen Maynes:

    I was contacted by my cable co. , possible compromise , Zbot. Will this program help my system ?