Threat Database Rootkits MBR:Alureon-L


By LoneStar in Rootkits

MBR:Alureon-L is a rootkit that creates a file system boot sector to disguises itself in it. The installation also includes creation of relevant Master Boot Record to let itself load whenever you turn your PC on. The malicious file system will be loaded before the one that provides software environment to computer users. While staying outside genuine file system, MBR:Alureon-L defends other security threats within it. The defended objects execute payloads that may sometimes be different. MBR:Alureon-L contains a lot of malignant components that allow it to conceal itself on the compromised PC; therefore, MBR:Alureon-L is hard to find and uninstall from the targeted computer system by many security tools.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove MBR:Alureon-L

File System Details

MBR:Alureon-L may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe d9d3f88d0898c8e4587b59ae9eb17f53 0
2. file.exe 54d698b55ae66d87c3fd5e3e9c08385c 0
3. file.exe f2b2d416f0fc828917ac18aaa51117f1 0
4. file.exe 9e7721d96235c20d9c2acfad852ac9ea 0
5. file.exe 58250481a04aee521ebebf8bd053ca65 0


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