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Systweak Toolbar Description

The Systweak Toolbar, or Systweak Community Toolbar, is adware that is often bundled with free software. When the Systweak Toolbar is installed on a computer, the Systweak Toolbar changes the affected Web browser's homepage to the notorious Conduit search engine and changes its default search engine to Systweak Customized Web Search. The main purpose of the Systweak Toolbar and its associated search engine is to expose computer users to advertisements and sponsored marketing links through search results rather than to provide any useful service. Using the Systweak Toolbar, marketers may make money at the expense of computer users. The Systweak Toolbar promotes its associated websites and various adware and browser hijacking techniques to expose computer users to advertising material. Because of this, the Systweak Toolbar should be removed from the affected computer immediately.

What are the Tasks Designated to the Systweak Toolbar and Similar Web Browser Extensions

Although programs like the Systweak Toolbar are often referred to as a high-level threat such as a virus, this is a mistake. These types of applications are known as PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs. This is because they may cause a wide number of symptoms that are more commonly associated with threats, but they are not as difficult to remove or as destructive as other kind of threats. A common way of distributing Systweak Toolbar is by bundling the Systweak Toolbar with certain types of freeware. Computer users may also download and install the Systweak Toolbar directly, believing that the Systweak Toolbar is a helpful Web browser extension. When installing free software, malware researchers advise the use of custom installation to monitor all the components being installed and avoid the installation of PUPs like the Systweak Toolbar.

The Consequences that the Systweak Toolbar's Presence May Cause to Your PC

Malware researchers have reported the following issues surrounding the Systweak Toolbar:

  • The Systweak Toolbar may take over the affected Web browser, forcing it to visit certain websites repeatedly.
  • The Systweak Toolbar may cause numerous system performance issues, including frequent crashes, freezing and a general slowing down of the affected Web browser.
  • Malware researchers have noted that the Systweak Toolbar is designed to display a wide variety of advertisements on affected Web browsers, including video advertisements, pop-up advertisements, sliding advertisements, banners and in-text advertising material.

Technical Information

Registry Details

Systweak Toolbar creates the following registry entry or registry entries:

More Details on Systweak Toolbar

The following URL's were found:
Tip: We recommend blocking the domain names as well as the IP addresses associated with them.

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