Threat Database Phishing 'Sync Wallets' Pop-Up Scam

'Sync Wallets' Pop-Up Scam

The Sync Wallets pop-ups try to convince users that they belong to a legitimate dApp (decentralized app). The pop-ups describe the supposed application as a way for users to link various Android and iOS cryptowallets. Furthermore, the service apparently utilizes 'mobile deep linking' to facilitate the interaction between mobile apps and browsers.

Despite the legitimately looking pop-ups, users should not believe a word said by Sync Wallets as the service is completely fake and the sole purpose of its related pages is to execute a phishing scam. Users should keep in mind that this particular scam may be promoted by numerous rogue websites at the same time. One such page that has been observed to facilitate the scam is, but is more than likely just one out of many others.

The goal of Sync Wallets' is to trick visitors into divulging sensitive details about their crypto wallet accounts. The phishing pages target the users of approximately 80 different cryptowallet apps including MetaMask, Binance Smart Chain, Coinomi, Trust, Atomic, BitPay, TrustVault, and more.

The deceptive pop-ups will ask users who decide to try the actually non-existing service to provide their login credentials, passphrases, private keys, etc. All provided information will be made available to the scammers. Afterward, they can abuse to take control over the victim's cryptowallet accounts, siphon out the funds held there, and distribute them to their own wallets.


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