Infosec researchers analyzed the StyleLab application and revealed that the application is ad-supported and displays intrusive advertisements. This means that StyleLab falls into the adware category. It is likely that StyleLab could possess the ability to collect information after being installed. Users should keep in mind that it is common for adware to be distributed using dubious methods, leading to unwitting downloads and installations. Users should keep in mind that StyleLab has been designed specifically for Mac devices.

An Overview of Possible StyleLab Actions

When StyleLab or other adware applications generate advertisements, they could lead to dubious websites designed to entice visitors into providing sensitive information, such as credit card details, login information and other personal data. Furthermore, the shown advertisements may be capable of running scripts that can lead to additional unwanted downloads and installations. Examples of pages that advertisements associated with adware applications may redirect to include 'Your PC is infected with 5 Viruses!,' 'Your Card Was Added To Apple Pay' and 'AMAZON Loyalty Program.'

Moreover, intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) of this type are frequently equipped with the necessary functionality to start collecting browsing history, passwords and other personal data. The compromised details could then be exploited by the PUP's operators in various fraudulent ways.


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