Threat Database Adware 'Amazon Loyalty Program' Pop-Up Scam

'Amazon Loyalty Program' Pop-Up Scam

'Amazon Loyalty Program' Pop-Up Scam Image

The 'Amazon Loyalty Program' pop-up scam is a fake survey disseminated by deceitful websites. The fraudsters try to trick users into thinking that the presented survey is being sent by Apple, but the tech giant has absolutely no connection to this misleading campaign. The goal of the people behind the 'Amazon Loyalty Program' pop-up scam is to obtain information from the users. As bait, they promise some grand prize, a brand-new iPhone 11 Pro in this case. As part of completing the survey, however, the page will demand that users input personal information such as name, address, age, gender, email address, credit card, or banking details, etc. The provided information will be logged and then misused in a variety of ways from the fraudsters.

Another popular scenario is to ask the people who have completed the fake survey to pay a transfer or delivery fee, processing charges, or something similar to receive the promised prize. All the money that will be appropriated by the fraudsters and users will be left waiting for a non-existent package. It goes without saying that users should be extremely careful when dealing with offers that sound too good to be true. It must also be noted that people do not usually land on pages for tactics such as the 'Amazon Loyalty Program' pop-up scam willingly. The redirects can be caused either by a previously visited website or an adware application lurking inside the computer. In the latter case, it is strongly recommended to perform a scan with a reputable anti-malware solution and then delete all suspicious applications that have been detected.

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Amazon Loyalty Program pop-up scam


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