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StormByte Ransomware

The StormByte Ransomware is a deleterious threat, capable of locking the data of its victims. The attackers can utilize this malware to encrypt documents, databases, archives and other file types. The strength of the cryptographic algorithm involved in the process makes the restoration of the affected files without the necessary decryption keys nearly impossible. It should be noted that after analyzing StormByte, infosec researchers confirmed that it is a variant belonging to the Nominatus Ransomware family.

The vast majority of ransomware threats mark the files they encrypt by modifying their original names in some way. However, the StormByte Ransomware forgoes this step and leaves the names of the targeted files completely intact.

The threat delivers a ransom note to its victims by opening a pop-up window. The instructions from the attackers are extremely brief and mostly concern directing the victims towards messaging a specified email address - Victims of malware attacks should remember that it is strongly discouraged to enter into negotiations with cybercriminals. Contacting the operators of malware threats should be considered extremely risky and could lead to additional privacy or security issues.

The full text of StormByte Ransomware's message is:


All Files has been Encrypted with DES and 3DES algorithms theres no way to crack them. you can Contact the Developer and Creator of this Ransomware to get the Decryptor if you Restart, we will leave your files encrypted forever! live or die? make your choice now… Hacker Mail address = ('


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