Threat Database Phishing 'Session Validation Error' Scam

'Session Validation Error' Scam

The 'Session Validation Error' scam is a form of phishing that attempts to deceive recipients into giving away their personal information and passwords. The scam involves sending an email claiming there has been an error in the recipient's mailbox. When users attempt to rectify the supposed issue, they are redirected to a fake website designed to mimic the recipient's email account log-in page. The website collects the user's data, enabling the scammers to gain access and commit fraud.

Lure Scenario Of 'Session Validation Error' Scam

The lure emails have a subject line similar to 'Mailbox Error Notification' and claim that due to a session validation error, the recipient's email has failed to retrieve 20 email messages. The scammers try to convince users to click on a conveniently presented 'Fix Auth. Error' button in order to correct the occurring issue. However, the link will take users to a phishing website designed to imitate the look of the victim's usual email account sign-in portal. The purpose of the malicious website is to record any account credentials provided by visitors.

With this information in hand, cybercriminals can perform various malicious activities, including identity theft, spreading spam/scams, distributing malware, as well as making unauthorized transactions and online purchases. All these activities can have serious consequences for victims whose accounts are stolen. Therefore, users should always be mindful of opening links from unknown or suspicious sources.

For extra security, users should consider enabling two-factor authentication on their accounts. This will add an extra layer of protection to the account and make it more difficult for criminals to gain unauthorized access. Furthermore, users should also consider using a secure password manager that offers multi-factor authentication functionality.


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