Threat Database Adware ServiceRecords will Damage Your Computer

ServiceRecords will Damage Your Computer

ServiceRecords is a dubious program that relies on deceptive tactics to sneak itself onto users' Mac devices. This underhanded behavior is why such applications also are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). To stop these applications from proliferating and lurking inside its devices, Apple has been introducing built-in detection features. 

When a matching application is detected, the macOS will show the user an alert pop-up. In this case, the message will say that 'ServiceRecords will Damage Your Computer.' While these pop-ups can get annoying and can even impact the user experience on the device, they are just a symptom. If the intruder application is removed, the warning message also will go away. 

Unless you are sure that the detected application is legitimate, it is better to uninstall it from your Mac as soon as possible. After all, PUPs are known for carrying out several intrusive actions, while present on the device. They can deliver unwanted and dubious advertisements that could start to overlay any legitimate content viewed in the browser. In addition, they could modify certain browser settings, and force them to open a promoted address that usually belongs to a fake search engine. 

However, the biggest red flag surround PUPs is that most times they spy on the user's browsing activities. Various information including the browsing and search histories alongside device details such as IP address, geolocation, ISP, and more could be transmitted to a remote server.

Users who are seeing the 'ServiceRecords will Damage Your Computer' should note that this PUP usually comes in tandem with another similarly dubious intruder program named ReceiverHelper. Both should be removed as soon as possible, with a professional security solution, preferably. 


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