Threat Database Adware ReceiverHelper


ReceiverHelper is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that can act both as adware and a browser hijacker. The application is targeting Mac users predominantly and relies on underhanded distribution techniques to spread itself. Users should be careful when installing freeware software products or applications of unproven sources as packaged inside them could be various intruder apps such as ReceiverHelper.

If its installation is allowed by the user unwittingly, the application will soon start to generate intrusive advertisements that could impact severely the browsing experience on the device. In addition, it will modify some of the browser's settings - the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine, and set them to open an unfamiliar sponsored address. Typically, browser hijackers are tasked with generating artificial traffic and promoting fake search engines. While the PUP is present on the system, it will make sure that its modifications to the browser's settings are not reversed by the users easily.

The macOS can detect this unwanted program. In this case, users will more than likely encounter a warning prompt stating that 'ReceiverHelper will damage your computer.' Generally, PUPs are not considered a direct threat to the system they are installed on but that doesn't make them safe perfectly.

Most PUPs are capable of collecting various user data, such as the entire browsing history, search history and clicked URLs. They also may access device details including the IP address, geolocation, ISP and more. The gathered information could then be packaged in a single archive and transmitted to a remote server. Users are advised to follow the instructions of the macOS prompt and get rid of the ReceiverHelper as soon as possible.


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