Threat Database Adware SelectorComponent


Another PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), wants to take advantage of Mac users. Named SelectorComponent, the application relies on questionable distribution schemes, such as bundling or fake software installers to hide its installation on the system. Once inside, SelectorComponent will activate its adware and browser hijacker capabilities to generate monetary gains for its operators. Other similar PUPs are ProductArchive, SocialCouponSearch, and more.

Adware applications are tasked with the delivery of annoying and unwanted ads on affected computers and devices. The advertisements could appear as pop-ups, banners, surveys, in-text links and others. They also may be injected into unrelated websites in an attempt to seem more legitimate. Users should approach such dubious advertisements with caution or risk being taken to con websites, phishing pages, domains spreading PUPs or other suspicious pages.

At the same time, SelectorComponent will assume control over the installed Web browsers. The intrusive application will try to modify the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine settings and set all three to open a promoted address, typically a fake search engine. Users should keep in mind that such fake engines cannot produce any search results. They will either redirect the search query to a legitimate engine (Yahoo, Bing, Chrome) or go to a dubious engine delivering inaccurate results filled with multiple sponsored advertisements.

Generally, users should not keep any PUPs on their computers or devices. These intrusive applications are notorious for possessing data-tracking routines. Information such as various device details, all visited websites, clicked links, and initiated searches can all be harvested, packaged and then transmitted to a remote server.


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