Threat Database Phishing 'Renewing The Domain' Scam

'Renewing The Domain' Scam

The 'Renewing The Domain' scam is essentially a phishing scheme targeting the email account credentials of its victims. The fraudsters spread numerous lure emails containing fake messages. It warns recipients that a domain they supposedly own will be renewed. The fabricated messages even include a specific date when the update is scheduled to take place. 

The fraudsters continue with their fake claims by saying that due to low space on the drive, any data currently stored there, such as emails, documents, contact lists, etc., will be moved to a bigger storage. Users are warned that due to the update and the transfer of data, errors or other issues may occur. To stay safe, the recipients of the lure emails are urged to back up their data by following the conveniently displayed 'Backup Email Now' button. 

Clicking the button will take unsuspecting users to a dedicated phishing domain designed to look like a legitimate login page. The site will ask users to enter their email account credentials to continue. However, the page is created for the sole purpose of collecting all provided information and making it available to its operators. 

Afterward, the con artists could abuse the compromised credentials to take over the associated email accounts. They could then try to expand their reach by attempting to access any related social media or banking accounts, message the victim's contacts to ask for money, spread malware threats, run misinformation campaigns while assuming the user's identity and more. 


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