Rchamrevolu.xyz Description

Type: Adware

Rchamrevolu.xyz is yet another deceptive website whose only goal is to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. This scheme has been rather popular among unscrupulous people and, as a result, the Internet has been flooded by countless deceptive pages that are virtually identical to each other. Some examples are People-around.me, Herdthan.com and nyseafaring.xyz.

When landing on Rchamrevolu.xyz, users will be shown one of several deceptive scenarios. The site may pretend that to access its actual content, users have to first click the 'Allow' button or that clicking 'Allow' will result in a video clip becoming available. Of course, all of the messages shown by the page are deceptive and should not be trusted. They may be a variation of:

'To access the video, click 'Allow'

'You need to 'Allow' in order to continue'

'Press Allow to verify that you are not a robot'

If successful, the hoax page will receive the necessary browser permissions to start running an intrusive advertising campaign. Users will be subjected to an influx of unwanted advertisements that show questionable or clickbait content. The advertisements could then redirect to unsafe places, such as fake giveaways, online tactics, phishing schemes, sites distributing PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or even malware threats.

Furthermore, if you notice that the redirects to Rchamrevolu.xyz are happening far too regularly, it may be a symptom that a PUP has already managed to install itself on your device. Run a scan with a reputable security solution as soon as possible and let it remove all suspicious items.

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