Nyseafaring.xyz is yet another mostly empty website, whose only purpose for existing is the proliferation of a popular browser-based fraud. There are countless websites running this same scheme and they all operate in a virtually identical manner. Visitors are presented with misleading clickbait messages that urge them to click the 'Allow' button.

Doing so will subscribe the user to the push notification services of the particular site. Afterward, the dubious page can proceed to abuse its browser privileges to deliver questionable advertisements to the affected device and generate money for its operators in the process.

The fake scenario used by Nyseafaring.xyz involves the site showing a picture with several robots and a message similar to:

'Click 'Allow' to confirm you are not a robot!'

The implication hiding the true intentions of the site is that it is pretending to perform a CAPTCHA check for bots.

The advertising materials delivered by such shady sources cannot be trusted. Through forced redirects, they could take users to other online frauds, pages collecting private information in phishing schemes, or misleading offers to download various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


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