By GoldSparrow in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 3,663
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 14,817
First Seen: January 11, 2013
Last Seen: September 20, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

InstallBrain is promoted as an updater service and is developed by PerformerSoft LLC. InstallBrain is a Potentially Unwanted Program. PUPs like InstallBrain are used by software developers and distributors or third party marketers to increase their profits and monetize free software. InstallBrain runs in the background as a Windows Service. InstallBrain is a download manager, a common way of distributing PUPs.

How InstallBrain and Its Components Work

InstallBrain, described as an updater service, has four variants, signed either by Performersoft LLC or by WhiteSmoke Inc, both of which are entities that have been linked to other PUPs. As soon as InstallBrain is installed, InstallBrain will attempt to connect to various URLs in order to retrieve advertisement information that InstallBrain then displays on affected Web browsers. The most typical release of InstallBrain is, which accounts for nearly all of the versions that have been reported by affected computer users. As soon as InstallBrain is installed, InstallBrain creates a Windows Service that runs without stopping in the background as soon as the computer user starts up Windows. Manually stopping this service may make the program crash.

In most cases, InstallBrain does not deliver a valuable service, and most computer users remove InstallBrain and its associated software nearly immediately. There are several reasons why InstallBrain should be removed. InstallBrain may be associated with threats, despite not being threatening itself. InstallBrain is classified as a PUP that may cause unwanted symptoms on affected computers and expose computer users to unwanted advertising material. InstallBrain installs a Windows Service automatically, running in the background constantly and consuming system resources. InstallBrain is distributed by third parties who take advantage of payment schemes where they are paid according to the number of people that install InstallBrain on their computers.

Removing InstallBrain from an Affected Computer

Most computer users do not install InstallBrain on purpose. This is because InstallBrain may be bundled with third party software, which uses misleading tactics to trick inexperienced computer users into installing InstallBrain. This is a common tactic of most PUPs. It is simpler to remove InstallBrain using a reliable, fully updated security program capable of dealing with PUPs. However, manual removal of InstallBrain also is not too complicated and requires the following steps:

  1. Computer users can uninstall InstallBrain by using the Add/Remove Program feature that is available in Windows (through the Control Panel). Uninstalling InstallBrain using this method should be a straightforward process, simply following the Windows prompts. In some cases, InstallBrain will not be able to be uninstalled through this method. In these cases, Microsoft's utility for dealing with software that cannot be uninstalled has been proven to help.
  2. Once InstallBrain has been removed, it is recommended to perform a full scan of the affected computer to ensure that no threat is present. Although not threatening, PUPs like InstallBrain may be associated with threats indirectly or may be installed along with numerous other PUPs. Since many threat infections run silently in the background and do not cause any symptoms, computer users should take actions to assure that they have not compromised their computer as a result of the presence of InstallBrain.
  3. InstallBrain may make changes to Web browser and computer settings. These changes may not be reverted by security software. Because of this, malware researchers recommend inspecting the Web browser and PC settings and changing them to their defaults or to their desired settings manually after InstallBrain has been uninstalled.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove PUP.InstallBrain

File System Details

PUP.InstallBrain may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. ibsvc.exe f58575604dfc874ac5a861772810a6fc 490
2. ibsvc.exe f214e27fc1893ae6da0910d69a1db448 260
3. ibsvc.exe 0145ada6c27ca4579860ce452b685cd0 257
4. ibsvc.exe a98df8d28fc2e7ce6622cfa77d96d24a 254
5. ibsvc.exe 919005860750ccd69c95649ebef864d2 212
6. ibsvc.exe b8ad70efeb5eb161b38d7f3ed5321fea 210
7. ibsvc.exe e9fbe6ad115a68a074916c8aaac5f24a 200
8. ibsvc.exe abb41b3bc5cc9bfcf8d18a4de1f277fa 183
9. ibsvc.exe 2d852191b8f8136b7f9a84f17a7bcf60 178
10. ibsvc.exe 8ee3a015237409f2cbc7f58ba3f37924 169
11. ibsvc.exe 9700591318c9be07cd0ad8a05b851499 162
12. ibsvc.exe 21f15b982a0543c4351c360458a2e871 143
13. ibsvc.exe 78544d1b9e401a8e1f0f5a8af156e798 140
14. ibsvc.exe d2582a4a18011ce78932979bfd083629 130
15. ibsvc.exe 057664a9d42504cf7d3690044d9da402 121
16. ibsvc.exe 2a6094d56cd62e17facfdceef9d0c86f 117
17. ibsvc.exe 3def23ac8c00b834e840b2934db767e6 108
18. ibsvc.exe 409f8ffc5e0e7bce40646520b2a22c5c 105
19. ibsvc.exe a485617fe8a08814a08dbb3ca0a7767a 105
20. ibsvc.exe ec4f7ecf594228d72afcd971db083910 102
21. ibsvc.exe 3b8664f3df1146d78d4ec9d8ec1370cf 101
22. ibsvc.exe 64609fcdad7ba88e4a1582b55b039a45 94
23. ibsvc.exe e5f0c3f33cd23a9626a7431e4e58549a 93
24. ibsvc.exe f763e80a1b526f2f2f8996cfabd8f5db 86
25. ibsvc.exe 24e155399d5581487de0ae760b66333f 83
26. ibsvc.exe a8d9025076a7961b16e799e539ddc469 82
27. C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\IBUpdaterService\ibsvc.exe
28. drop/2b2b1f1ed597eed9dd62ba4ad2a 2b2b1f1ed597eed9dd62ba4ad2abe15e 0
29. 0f1583197f5d7f6a2952adb0d0f6773c.exe 0f1583197f5d7f6a2952adb0d0f6773c 0
30. 77371b9678258eff4dc7b9fb269799e9 77371b9678258eff4dc7b9fb269799e9 0
31. 1944df25b6fd7c5fa9e42ff8bef38cd2 1944df25b6fd7c5fa9e42ff8bef38cd2 0
More files


PUP.InstallBrain may create the following directory or directories:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\InstallBrainService


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