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There are currently 29 articles listed on fake warning messages.

Name Date
'Banners Dont Work' Pop-Up April 7, 2014
'Ce contenu nécessite la mise a jour 12.2 de Media Player' Pop-up June 2, 2014
'FLV Player Is Highly Recommended' Pop-up June 3, 2014
'For Better Viewing Performance Please Update Your Movie Player' Pop-Up April 10, 2014
'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up April 2, 2014
'Java Plug-in Needs Your Permission To Run' Pop-up June 2, 2014
'JW Video Player' Pop-Up April 18, 2014
'Make Your Downloads Run Faster' Pop-Up April 3, 2014
'Please Install the New Video Player' Pop-Up April 8, 2014
'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up May 5, 2014
'Related Searches' Pop-Up March 26, 2014
'Save The Children' Pop-Up April 21, 2014
'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up May 20, 2014
'The Installation of Media Player 12.2 Update' Pop-up May 29, 2014
'The Video Player Out Of Date' Pop-Up April 24, 2014
'This content requires Media Player 12.7' Pop-Up April 2, 2014
'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up March 20, 2014
'Warning: Your Flash Player Is Outdated' Pop-up June 16, 2014
'Warning! Flash Player Is Infected' Pop-up May 23, 2014
'Warning! Windows May Be Infected' Pop-up June 3, 2014
'WARNING! Your Flash Player May Be Out Of Date. Please Upgrade To Continue' Pop-up June 2, 2014
'When Was Your Last Virus Scan?' Pop-up May 20, 2014
'You are Currently Using an Old Operative System Suddenly Appear on Your Screen' Pop-Up August 22, 2014
'Your Computer Has Adware / Spyware Virus' Pop-Up June 16, 2014
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