Threat Database Fake Warning Messages '' Pop-Up Scam

'' Pop-Up Scam is the address of a dubious website that is used to run a technical support tactic. The goal of the fraudsters is to convince any user who lands on the page to call the provided number. For that purpose, numerous pop-ups containing alarming messages could be generated and presented to visitors. The messages might claim that alleged problems with Windows or a specific Microsoft product have been detected. To fix the supposed issues, users simply must call the listed phone numbers as soon as possible. To add legitimacy to their claims, the fraudsters have designed the Web page to appear as official as possible by using Microsoft and Windows logos. The '' pop-up scam also has been noticed to show different versions of the bait page based on the user's geolocation. 

The most important thing to remember is that is nothing but a tactic and it is in no way connected to the real company or its support services. Although it may be hard to notice due to the extremely small font of the letters, this is written in a disclaimer at the bottom of the scam page explicitly. 

Calling any of the numbers found on the page opens up the user to a variety of potential security risks, not to mention the serious fees that might rack up while the phone call is active. The fraudsters might try to employ different social-engineering tactics designed to pry sensitive private information from the user. They also can ask for remote access to the computer and even request for any installed anti-malware solutions to be stoped temporarily. Following any of these instructions will allow the con artists to potentially download serious malware threats on the user's system, such as backdoors or ransomware. 

The fact that the '' pop-up scam has appeared, and if you land on the page multiple times, especially, could be a sign that there is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) lurking on your computer or device. Do a thorough scan with a professional anti-malware product and remove any suspicious applications that get detected immediately.


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