PortDoor Malware

PortDoor Malware Description

PortDoor Malware is a backdoor computer threat that is being used by Chinese threat actors in a potentially espionage attack. The PortDoor Malware may be wrapped up in an RTF document where many computer users may not suspect the threat until the malicious RTF document is opened.

When loaded, PortDoor Malware could allow remote access or entry for a remote hacker to the infected system through a backdoor. Such an action is very dangerous as it could allow hackers to infiltrate an infected system where data may be stolen, or the system could be instructed to carry out certain malicious activities over the Internet.

Also, it is possible, as discovered by computer security researchers from multiple sources, that PortDoor Malware is mixed with a Chinese APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) group that conduct orchestrated attacks on certain systems. Moreover, there could be other groups involved with the cyber espionage plots surrounding PortDoor Malware, as it paints PortDoor Malware as being a seriously dangerous threat.

It is important that any computer user or network administrator be aware of PortDoor Malware and have the proper resources available to thwart attacks by PortDoor Malware and eliminate the malware promptly before damages are caused.