Threat Database Phishing 'Please find attached receipt' Email Scam

'Please find attached receipt' Email Scam

A phishing tactic consisting of the dissemination of lure emails to unsuspecting users has been identified by cybersecurity experts. The distributed emails pretend as if there is a problem with the company address in the latest invoice sent by the user. When victims try to click on the attached PDF file to see this supposed problem, they are taken to a phishing website instead.

The fake website asks visitors to enter their email account credentials (username, password, etc.) to continue. However, all provided information will become accessible to the con artists so that they can then proceed to exploit it in numerous ways. They can access the associated email address and all of the information in it. The fraudsters also may attempt to compromise other accounts belonging to the victims, such as those for social media platforms, financial applications and more. Alternatively, the acquired private information can be offered for sale on underground hacker forums, where other cybercriminal groups can use it for their own purposes.


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