Threat Database Phishing 'Pending Messages on Our Remote Server' Scam

'Pending Messages on Our Remote Server' Scam

A wave of lure emails has been identified by cybersecurity experts. The fake messages are part of a phishing scheme trying to convince users to provide their email account credentials. The fake messages are presented as a notification sent by the recipient's email provider, regarding several emails that have failed to reach the intended inbox. The subject line of the misleading emails may be similar to 'Syncing Error - (6) Incoming failed mail.'

To make their fabricated claims appear more legitimate, the fraudsters include the email address of the recipient and the supposed date of the email that failed to arrive. Apparently, the problem was caused by an error during server timeout. Of course, none of these claims are real and their only purpose is to convince users to click on the provided 'RELEASE UNDELIVERED MAILS' button.

Clicking on the shown button will take users to a dedicated phishing portal. The hoax website is disguised as a login page and users will be asked to provide their email credentials. All entered information will be scraped and sent to the operators of the scheme. Afterward, they could easily take over the compromised email accounts and potentially other associated accounts.


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