Threat Database Phishing 'PayPal - Your Order is Already Processed' Scam

'PayPal - Your Order is Already Processed' Scam

Fraudsters are using lure email, as a way to trick users into calling a specific phone number. The fake emails claim to be a notification from PayPal about a completed order. To make the messages appear more real, the con artists use the PayPal logo and branding, even though PayPal Holdings, Inc. company is in no way associated with them.

After opening the emails, recipients will see that they have supposedly made an $849.96 transaction at the Bitcoin Exchange. The large sum serves as a way to make the situation seem more urgent. After all, according to the text of the email, users have just 24 hours to open a dispute by calling the provided phone number.

On the other end of the phone call will be an operator working for the fraudster, and their exact actions will depend on the goals of the hoax campaign. Users could be subjected to a 'refund tactic' or they might be asked to provide remote access to their devices. If successful, the con artists will have the ability to access important files or deploy additional programs or even malware threats to the user's device. They may drop spyware, keyloggers, RATs, crypto-miners, or even ransomware threats. Alternatively, these people may use various social-engineering tactics to trick users into providing numerous personal or confidential details - names, addresses, phone numbers, accounts, banking details, etc.


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