Mybetterck is a browser hijacker that may cause the redirection to the website without any interaction from the computer user. Such an action is rather scary in some cases as the default home page or new tab page is modified to load upon opening a new web browser window.

The actions of Mybetterck are rooted to its associated browser extensions, which may load automatically when installing random freeware or bundled software apps from the Internet. Those components are usually the culprit of browser hijackers and must be found and removed to stop the unwanted actions of Mybetterck.

The detection and removal of Mybetterck browser extensions may be done manually by savvy computer users but they must also find and remove any other associated components to completely stop the potentially malicious actions of Mybetterck. In most situations, we recommend computer users faced with Mybetterck to use an antimalware program to find and eliminate the Mybetterck components, which will then allow a computer user to reset their desired Internet settings safely and automatically.


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