While navigating the Web, computer users may start experiencing numerous pop-up alerts from a website named Mostongou, which will prevent them from viewing the content they were visiting before. However, these pop-up alerts are fake and clicking on them will cause the installation of unwanted applications and even malware on the targetted machine.

Affected users do not need to be worried. The Mostongou pop-ups are appearing due to the presence of an adware application that, somehow, was able to enter the users' computers, These adware types have only one mission, which is to generate income for its operators via clicked advertisements. However, usually, these advertisements are unfiltered and if the computer users click on them, they may be redirected to compromised websites promoting unsafe applications, and overpriced services, besides being numerous and annoying. Some adware types also can collect information from the computer, which is a privacy risk.

Adware is not considered harmful by itself; however, the consequences of keeping adware on a computer may not be pleasant. This is why security experts advise removing unwanted adware as soon as its presence is noticed. Adware can be removed manually but the most secure way to eliminate it is by using an anti-malware tool.


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