Threat Database Phishing 'Message Failure Receiving Notice' Scam

'Message Failure Receiving Notice' Scam

Cybercriminals are using lure emails intending to obtain users' email and account credentials. The phishing emails are presented as if coming from the user's email service provider, regarding the suspension of their account. Apparently, they will no longer be able to receive incoming messages unless they 'fix' the unspecified problem.

Users will be provided with the hyperlinks - 'Allow Messages' and 'Review Messages.' Clicking on any of the two will take the recipients of the email to a phishing portal disguised as a Webmail website. The fake page will ask users to provide their email login credentials with all entered data being transmitted to the fraudsters.

Having access to sensitive information, such as account credentials, could allow the con artists to take over the email or any other account that uses the same username/password. The consequences for the victims will depend on the particular goal of these people. They can use compromised accounts to spread disinformation, distribute malware threats or run additional tactics. They also can package the obtained account credentials and offer them for sale to interested third parties.


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