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Mallox Ransomware

Infosec researchers have uncovered a new threatening malware that can wreak havoc on the systems it manages to compromise. Named the Mallox Ransomware, the threat initiates a strong encryption routine to lock the victim's files completely. Affected users will no longer be able to access most of their documents, PDFs, archives, databases, etc. The hackers then try to exhort their victims to pay a ransom to restore their personal or business-related data.

As part of its harmful operations, the threat will mark all encrypted files by modifying their original names. To be more specific, users will notice that all unresponsive files now carry '.mallox' as a new file extension. When the Mallox Ransomware encrypts all targeted file types, it will deliver a note with instructions from the hackers that will be placed inside a text file named 'RECOVERY INFORMATION.txt.'

Ransom Note's Details

The note states that the only way to restore the encrypted data is via the hacker's decryptor tool. The cybercriminals are willing to demonstrate their ability to do so by allowing victims to send a couple of unimportant files that will supposedly be decrypted for free. To get additional details about the ransom payment, however, victims need to establish contact with the hackers by messaging the two provided email addresses - '' and '' The first email must include the unique ID string found inside the ransom note.

The full-text Mallox Ransomware's instructions is:



To recover data you need decrypt tool.

To get the decrypt tool you should:

1.In the letter include your personal ID! Send me this ID in your first email to me!
2.We can give you free test for decrypt few files (NOT VALUE) and assign the price for decryption all files!
3.After we send you instruction how to pay for decrypt tool and after payment you will receive a decryption tool!
4.We can decrypt few files in quality the evidence that we have the decoder.




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