Pop-up Notifications Pop-up Notifications Description is yet another push notification-based website offering nothing else but suspicious pop-ups with no concrete origins. If you find yourself landing on Lucky-media’s webpage, chances are you got redirected there from a Web ad or banner you clicked upon beforehand. However, has at least a couple of features you may worry about.

First, come the push notifications. As soon as you load the page, it will trigger a small pop-up window urging you to allow Lucky-media to send you notifications. Such aggressive behavior is reserved for Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), which is why researchers tend to classify Lucky-media as a PUP in the first place. Even if you accept the push notifications, there's no knowing where those will lead should you follow every single pop-up that shows up while you're browsing the Web. Some will probably offer you genuinely advertised sites. Others may bring you malware or Web-trackers alike. However, for sure, the pop-ups will come nineteen to the dozen, and counting, showing no signs of slowing down.

Second, the 'congratulations' message. When you open, the site will tell you you've won a $50 gift shopping card. It's not clear whether this card is real or not. Nor does it specify where and when you could use this card to shop around. Granted, most of the largest online shops in the world would give you such a card or a discount code anytime. However, you would need to create an account first. Such a requirement is nowhere to be found on the website, which means that it's either fake or malware in disguise. You would have trouble using such a coupon if you wanted to, undoubtedly.

The gripe we have with sites such as is that you can never know how far they may spread their activities. Some tend to spam you with useless adverts, while others may go as far as spying on your Web activity or planting malware onto your system. That is why it may be best to keep such tools as far from your PC as possible. To do so, clean your browsers from any unused and unknown extensions as may be linked to one. Then, reset your browsers to their default settings. Last but not least, deploy a reputable anti-malware scanner to neutralize any other malware lying dormant onto your system.