LockerConcept Ads

LockerConcept Ads Description

Type: Trojan

The LockerConcept browser add-on may claim to help you shop for the latest clothing and shoes and save money, but it is deemed as adware. Security investigators report that the LockerConcept adware may block the native ads on e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay to show advertisements from less-reputable sources. The LockerConcept adware may feature corrupted ads and offer you to install programs like Shieldren and SmartPcSolutions that have a bad reputation. Additionally, the LockerConcept adware may place modified search results on Google that are links to phishing pages. Security investigators warn users to be mindful of the certificates of sites that appear to be banking portals and log-in pages for services like PayPal and social media like Facebook. The LockerConcept adware may use tracking cookies, detect your approximate geographical location and read your browser history to display tailor-suited ads. The LockerConcept adware may show you banners, full-page ads, inline hyperlinks to sponsored content and pop-up windows. The LockerConcept adware may change your browser settings and set your homepage to to reroute your online queries and earn affiliate revenue for its creators. You may want to know that the LockerConcept adware is similar to Hawker and MetroCleaner and may append the 'Hidden' attribute to its folder to avoid security scans and obstruct manual removal. Fortunately, you could use the help of a trustworthy anti-spyware application to clean your system and remove the LockerConcept binary securely.

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