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By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers – A Fraudulent Search Engine Website

The website claims that uses fifty different search engines to search for your results. However, this fake search engine site has been known to use browser hijackers and a variety of malware to inflate artificially's web traffic. Worst of all, the results that delivers are often links to dangerous websites with malicious content. Simply clicking on any of the provided links may be enough to cause your computer system to become infected with dangerous malware. If your Internet browser is being redirected to the website against your will, ESG PC security analysts recommend using a reliable anti-malware program to search for malware infections on your computer system. is Not What It Appears is not a true search engine, but is really a rogue website associated with a variety of malware. However, has a few characteristics that set apart from other websites linked to browser hijackers (such as,, and Browser hijackers associated with the website attempt to maintain some semblance of legitimacy, by not changing your home page or redirecting you directly. Rather, browser hijackers open the website on a different tab or window, as soon as you start browsing the Internet.

Symptoms of Malware Associated with the Website

A browser hijacker places your computer at a serious risk for becoming infected with other dangerous malware. More importantly, is also a potential gateway for phishing scams and for malware designed to steal your personal details and information. Some symptoms of browser hijackers associated with the website include the following:

  • Browser hijackers associated with do not affect all Internet browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are relatively safe from a browser hijacker infection. Internet Explorer is the browser that is most vulnerable to a browser hijacker infection. This is why browser hijackers will typically try to block access to all other Internet browsers apart from Internet Explorer.
  • Browser hijackers associated with have been known to force your computer system to reboot whenever you try to scan your computer system with a legitimate anti-malware application or remove toolbars or malware associated with the website.
  • One typical symptom of a infection is that your search results and Internet searches will usually direct you to this harmful fake search engine.


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