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Lightning Stealer

The Lightning Stealer is a malware threat designed to extract sensitive information from the infected systems and make it available to its operators. This piece of malware was first detected by the infosec researcher going as 3xp0rt on Twitter. Apparently, the Lightning Stealer is being offered for sale on hacker forums by its creators. Wannabe cybercriminals can gain access to the malware by paying 300 rubles per week, 500 rubles a month, or 3000 rubles for half a year.

As for its threatening functionality, the Lightning Stealer appears to be targeting specific messaging applications, such as Telegram and Discord. It also can extract data from cryptocurrency wallets and the game platform and store Steam. Among the collected information are the victim's account credentials, passwords and browser cookies. With the information at their disposal, the cybercriminals can expand their reach to take over personal accounts, assume the victim's identity, make fraudulent purchases, or siphon out the funds held in the victim's crypto-wallet accounts.

The consequences of having a data stealer infiltrating your computer and remaining there unnoticed could be devastating. Users should always aim to protect their devices with reputable security tools. Don't forget that installing all of the latest updates and keeping your applications up-to-date also is a vital element in keeping your data safe.


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