Threat Database Phishing 'A Law Case Filed Against Your Company' Scam

'A Law Case Filed Against Your Company' Scam

Frudsters are disseminating spam emails as part of a phishing scheme targeting users' email credentials. The lure emails attempt to convince the recipients that they have been summoned to court. The fake messages have a subject line similar to 'Court Order' and claim that a lawsuit has been filed against the user's company. As a result, the recipient is required to appear in court on a specific date mentioned in the email. To make everything appear more legitimate, the fraudsters pretend that an official document has been attached to the email.

When unsuspecting users try to open the document to see what this supposed lawsuit is all about, they are instead redirected to a phishing portal. The site is designed to appear as a login page, implying that users must input their email credentials to gain access to the document. Unfortunately, this is just a ruse, and all provided usernames, email addresses, passwords, etc., will be collected by the con artists.

The collected information could be abused to compromise the associated email accounts of the victims. From there, the fraudsters could try to expand their reach and access social media or financial accounts that use the already breached emails. If they are successful, the consequences for the victims could be severe, ranging from financial losses, identity theft or serious security risks.


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