Lador Description

Lador (Trojan.MacOS.Lador) is a dangerous malware threat that provides cybercriminals with remote access to Mac devices without the knowledge or consent of the device’s user. These cyber-attacks' main goals are to steal personal information that can be valuable to the attackers (like banking details and credit card numbers) and to install other malware to allow for expanded functionalities. Additionally, Lador Trojan may cause redirects to dubious pages on the Internet, launch other tools, or show pop-up messages.

For an initial period of time, the Trojan could remain unnoticed, however, at some point users will start to experience some symptoms, like the presence of bogus processes running in the Task Manager, crashing of software, services, or webpages, a sudden increase in the CPU usage, and overall sluggish performance of the machine.

As with most Trojans, Lador Trojan also spreads through deceptive methods and techniques. It is typically distributed through spam email campaigns, illegally cracked software, fake updates, malicious ads, and torrent websites. Cybersecurity experts warn users never to click on random pop-ups and banners while surfing the Internet. At the same time, any applications or tools should always be downloaded and installed only from their official websites.

Due to the enormous harm potential of Lador Trojan, this malware must be removed immediately from the affected Mac system with the help of a reputable malware removal tool.

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