Threat Database Spam 'Invoices Copies are not Clear' Scam

'Invoices Copies are not Clear' Scam

Fraudsters are spreading lure emails as a way to trick users into infecting their computers with malware threats. These fake messages are presented as official communication regarding an issue with supposed invoices that the recipient of the message has sent. However, the two attached files posing as said invoices, in reality, contain malware.

The misleading messages claim to be a notification from an account supervisor at Open Payments Europe AB. According to the text, two invoices that users have provided are not clear enough and cannot be fulfilled. To create a sense of urgency, the con artists insist that users review the invoices and respond as soon as possible so that the associated payments can be cleared before the holidays.

The two attached files may have names similar to 'Proforma Invoice.doc' and 'Revised PI.doc.' When users try to open the fake invoices, they will see a message instructing them to click the 'Enable Editing' button to gain access and see the content. However, clicking the button will enable macros commands and allow the execution of the malware threats. Users risk having their computers and devices infected with ransomware, Trojans, backdoors, RATs (Remote Access Trojans), spyware, rogueware or other malware threats.


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