Threat Database Spam 'I am aware is your password' Email Scam

'I am aware is your password' Email Scam

'I am aware is your password' email scam is a new spin on the old formula that is generally employed in what is known as 'sextortion' schemes. This tactic usually involves the dissemination of numerous spam emails that contain virtually identical text. The only aspect that changes between the different deceiving campaigns is the Bitcoin address of the fraudsters. 

The emails claim that the user's computer has been infected with malware after a visit to an adult website. The malware then supposedly allowed the con artists to take control over the webcam of the system and use it to record an explicit video of the user. The non-existent recording is then employed in an extremely basic blackmail attempt with the fraudsters threatening to send it around to the user's contacts. 

The logical inconsistencies and broken English of the messages should already tell users that the emails are not to be taken seriously with the best course of action being to block the sender address and delete the email. However, to add a bit of legitimacy to their threats, the people behind the 'I am aware is your password' email scam include in their message an old password associated with that particular user. The information appears to more than likely be acquired from databases for past website breaches as the passwords are usually 5 to 10 years old, and, in most cases, no longer in use. 

While it may be alarming to see one of your passwords mentioned inside such an email, the response should remain the same. Keep in mind that if the con artists put in the effort, they could start employing data from more recent data breaches or include other user details besides passwords.


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