'.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware

'.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware Description

The '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware is a new version of the SamSam Ransomware, which is programmed to use the '.howcanihelpusir' extension to mark the encoded files. Security analysts report that the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware functions identically to its predecessor but uses a new marker, new packaging, and new obfuscation layers to avoid detection. Samples of the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware reveal that the payload is delivered to users via spam emails that contain a corrupted file. Computer users may receive fake notifications from online stores, banks, and social media that urge them to open an attached file. You should double-check documents and archives sent to you by unknown senders, but it may be hard for human resources operatives to do so considering the nature of their work. The '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware can prove very effective against small businesses and human resources departments that lack a reliable backup system.

The '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware may b Spread over Networks Using Open-Source Tools

The '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware continues to use the Rijndael cipher algorithm as its predecessor did. The Rijndael cipher algorithm is recognized by science institutes across the globe as one of the best techniques suited to encrypt data. Therefore, the data encoded by the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware is likely to remain locked unless you have the right decryption software and key to unlock it. Files that are modified by the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware can be found on removable drives, local drives and network shares. You can recognize the encrypted objects by the '.howcanihelpusir' suffix attached to the original file extension. For example, 'Swamp sunflower.png' is enciphered to 'Swamp sunflower.png.howcanihelpusir.' The '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware is ranked amongst well-known threats like TeslaCrypt and Locky and might corrupt specialized data containers as well. Computer users engaged in 3D-modeling, visual media and accounting may have their files encrypted by the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware.

Paying the Ransom is not the Smartest Move

The ransom note is dropped on affected computers as 'READ-V-HLP-YOU.html' and may include instruction on how to install the TOR Browser and access a personalized payment portal. The team behind the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' Ransomware is known to feature moderate skills and facilitate payments via Bitcoins, which is a digital currency that allows for secure and anonymous transactions. Law enforcement agencies continue to cooperate in bringing down operations that ransomware, but platforms like Cerber 4.0 make it difficult to land a blow on the RaaS market. Computer users are advised to set up a backup manager that can create backup images, and saved them to a safe location. Threats like the '.howcanihelpusir File Extension' are virtually infective against well-prepared users since encryption Trojan can't encrypt data on inaccessible drives. You might want to install a reliable anti-malware shield and ignore emails that appear suspicious.

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